The Journey is Just as Important as the Destination

November 24, 2021
written by
Kerry Chin
Product Design

Product Design is a fascinating field and challenging discipline for so many reasons. It requires knowledge, skill, experience, problem solving, a love of minute details, and so much more. As a full-service Product Design Agency, we think it is very insightful to share what “so much more” looks like.

Behind the Scenes

We’ve opened up a new section entitled Behind the Scenes to show what a typical day at Altimus looks like. Our design office is filled with prototypes, tools, fasteners, materials, drawings, and devices. We use anything (and sometimes everything) available to work through real world challenges just as users would experience. Design is a collaborative activity and often better done together as a team.

Inspiration comes in many forms, and one proven way to find inspiration is by stepping away from our desks and workstations and going hands-on. We build our own prototypes, and with planning and focus, we conduct our own controlled tests and experiments. Collaboration, role playing, and the process of discovery at any possible stage of a project is where we find unique solutions, creative opportunities, or new problems that require more thinking and prototyping.

Pictures tell the story best, so head on over to Behind the Scenes and see for yourself how Altimus integrates design activities into full fledged products that define brands and engage people.

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