We transform ideas into high impact products.

Founded in 2008, Altimus is a Product Design Agency that works with funded startups and established brands to design ambitious products that represent high impact solutions to real world opportunities.

A wide angle photo of the office interior, with Altimus designers working on various projects.

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Diversity in Experiences

Designers, engineers and manufacturing strategists all collaborate under one roof. Nothing is lost in translation. Each member brings their unique skills and experiences to find creative solutions that stand out and resonates with people.

Meet the team
values & beliefs

All of our collective life and career experiences contribute to product design excellence.


Everything matters

Details. Data. Clues. Results. Nuance. Corroboration. Conflict. Clarity. Collaboration. Hypotheses. Proof. Disproving. Experimental. We seek to identify relationships that make sense with people and with the information that we have to synthesize and utilize in our daily work. Down the road, clients are often glad that we dared to care about things that may not have seemed relevant earlier. It also means that we celebrate being OCD every now and then.


Confidence with humility

Every new project is a journey into the unknown. We accept the challenge when we know we can make a really positive impact on the results that you seek. Sometimes we know we can make that difference but we still have to work at it to succeed. Sometimes all we need to know is that we are pretty expert at designing things we've never designed before. Along the way there could be bumps in the road. It might not all work out as originally planned but we train ourselves to listen and self-critique with an open mind.


Experience comes from passion

While the professional world often focuses on credentials, educational backgrounds and "years of service", we feel an additional factor to weigh is in the broader view beyond just work and career. All of our team members are really highly qualified at their roles, and good at more than just what they went to school to study. Influences and inspirations for our design work can come from very personal experiences, perspectives and passions. Invariably, every project benefits from our wide angle view of life. Whether those inspirations come from the times we found ourselves engrossed in athletic activities, artistic competitions or passion projects on weekends, we think they can make all the difference when design challenges need creative solutions.


Seek not the easy way, but the right way

We all love a quick fix because we're human, but often there are many paths forward. We try to frame every potential solution or incremental step forward in the context of what is the best way to positively impact the project objectives. We bring value to our clients because this long view thinking allows conscious choices when the desired outcome may not always be within our control. Sometimes the "right way" just means more work, but if work means learning and learning means new data, then it very well might have been a step worth taking.

Our Team

Industry professionals with backgrounds in engineering, design, and business.

Our interdisciplinary team of in-house designers and engineers are elite design thinkers able to synthesize strategy, user experience, and technical aspects of the entire product development cycle.

Before coming together at Altimus, we all worked for companies large and small, public and private, and share a deep appreciation of the challenges our clients face when making decisions and leading teams that are striving to bring new innovations to market.

Kerry Chin

Managing Partner

Kerry founded Altimus in 2008, after leading design teams and managing product development and manufacturing for both private and publicly held technology companies. He oversees all external and internal projects and gets particular satisfaction out of collaborating and mentoring clients in startup strategy and entrepreneurship.

Kerry holds a B.Eng. Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Communications and Signal Processing from the University of Victoria, a Diploma in Piano Performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music, and is an active business mentor for the MBA program at the Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University.

Michelle Leung

VP Finance

With an extensive background in fast-paced, high volume contract manufacturing and production coordination, Michelle brings essential skills to Altimus Operations and Supply Chain management.

Michelle holds a Bachelors of Business Administration from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Her previous positions include Senior Program Supervisor with global Top 50 Electronics Manufacturing Services providers such as VTech Communications Ltd. and Computime Limited.

Shawn Stevenson

Senior Software Engineer

Shawn has twenty years of experience in embedded systems, digital signal processing, and real-time systems. A large focus of his work involved algorithm development for speech processing and recognition, telephony, and audio processing applications. His career experience includes working for both startups and established corporations, including HotHaus Technologies, Broadcom Corporation and Malaspina Labs.

Shawn holds a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Masters in Engineering from Simon Fraser University.

Jennifer Hiew

Graphic & Digital Designer

With a background in graphic design and illustration, Jennifer designs meaningful visuals and interactions to create engaging user experiences and memorable brand identities. She is an avid artist who enjoys engaging with anything related to technology, design, and the arts.

Jennifer holds a B.A. in Interactive Arts and Technology from Simon Fraser University with a focus on interdisciplinary design, including user experience (UX), user interface (UI), and visual design.

Morgan Gilbert

Industrial Designer

Morgan is an industrial designer who has a passion for seeking original and innovative solutions that create lasting value. He views his responsibility as a designer is to maintain a detailed picture of all aspects of the problem space, while collaborating with clients, users, peers and specialists to achieve optimal user-centered solutions.

Morgan holds an Industrial Design Major, Bachelor of Design from Emily Carr University. His past experience and enthusiasm within the information technology sector fuels his passion for building consumer and industrial devices.

Curtis Lau

Visual Communications Designer

With a background in print and digital media, Curtis is a visual communications designer who specializes in creating new ways to take abstract ideas and forming them into unique visual identities. He is interested in using design to explore new technologies and the relationships with them.

Curtis holds a Communication Design Major, Bachelor of Design from Emily Carr University.

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