Many specialties, One goal.

Altimus provides the strategic and technical know-how to design products from the ground-up.

We combine industrial design, user experience design, hardware and software engineering, supply chain intelligence, manufacturing management, and product strategy all working together to launch products that define businesses.

industrial design

A design language that speaks your brand

Altimus creates products by considering a plethora of factors - from business goals, user studies, market research and napkin sketches to formal requirements, technical constraints, business opportunities and customer feedback.

We design solutions that address user needs and solve real world problems by communicating ideas in many different ways. Sketches, mock-ups, prototypes, models, 3D CAD and renderings are some of the techniques and tools we utilize.

An industrial designer at their desk in front of their computer, sketching with pen and paper.
Carefully painting the grind measurements by hand on a prototype of the HIKU hand coffee grinder.
A compilation of sketches, mock-ups, prototypes, models, 3D CAD, and renderings of the VERO Beverage Management Hardware.

Customized embedded systems

We believe every innovative, smart device requires bespoke electronics to realize its full potential. Altimus designs custom hardware and software for exactly this reason. This complex process marries seamlessly with other in-house design disciplines such as UX, UI, industrial and mechanical to create an inspired solution that has lasting value for the brand it carries and the customers that depend on it.

An Altimus ARM System on Modules (SoM) Processor on a table in a dim room. The surface in front of the PCB is illuminated by a pattern of blue LEDs that resembles the small clusters of electronic components on a motherboard.

From concept to commercialization

Altimus is a complete, one-stop solution for product commercialization. We work with global suppliers and manufacturers, with a lean and efficient approach that clients understand and value. We facilitate strategic approaches to supply chain challenges and shepherd clients along the process of development and manufacturing when they know they can't do it themselves.

The AVA Smart Garden on a wooden countertop surrounded by a few smart devices, a short grey mug, and a small resealable bag of loose leaf tea. The AVA Smart Garden is lit purple and is growing an assortment of herbs.
The HIKU hand coffee grinder burrset in gold, presented tastefully from a top-down view in a black gift box.
A prototype of the CADEX Spectro Rapid Battery Analyzer with a white, semi-opaque enclosure.

A Product Design Agency with everything under one roof.

  • Market & Trend Research
  • User Studies
  • Branding & Design Language
  • User Experience & User Interface Design
  • Concept Development & Industrial Design
  • Prototyping & Testing
  • Mechanical, Electronic & Software Engineering
  • System Architecture & Integration
  • All aspects of production and supply chain management
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