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CADEX Spectro Modular

CADEX Electronics' world-renowned rapid battery analyzers take an innovative step forward with Spectro Modular, which features a completely refreshed physical user interface for even quicker and easy-to-understand readings at a glance coupled with a redesigned chassis that is compact enough to fit into any user's toolbox.

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The AVA Smart Garden centered against a light burnt orange background.
The GOOD DESIGN award logo, a prestigious distinction that denotes products and industry leaders in design and manufacturing that have chartered new directions for innovation and pushed the envelope for competitive products in the world marketplace.
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AVA Smart Garden

Combining technology and nature to create the smartest hydroponic garden on the market, the AVA Smart Garden is capable of predicting and establishing optimal lighting and watering schedules based on plant type, location, and an array of environment condition sensors.

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The HIKU Hand Coffee Grinder sitting on a white table, against a soft light blue background.
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HIKU Hand Coffee Grinder

A premium hand coffee grinder that features the world's largest 7-fluted conical burr in a hand grinder, and a stepless adjustment ring for perfectly precise brews.

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