AVA Smart Garden

The AVA Smart Garden centered against a light burnt orange background.
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Combining Technology and Nature to Create the Smartest Hydroponic Garden on the Market


Combining technology and nature to create the smartest hydroponic garden on the market, the AVA Smart Garden is capable of predicting and establishing optimal lighting and watering schedules based on plant type, location, and an array of environment condition sensors.

The Challenge

Design the first hydroponic smart garden driven by AI to predict and establish optimal lighting and watering schedules based on plant type, location, and an array of sensors that measure environmental conditions. Make it seamlessly integrate with Google Home and Amazon Alexa powered smart homes.

The Outcome

The AVA Byte Smart Garden is the recipient of the prestigious Good Design Award (2019) for outstanding products in the Consumer Household Products category, and has launched in select countries throughout the world including Canada and the United States.

Making a 'Smart Device' Smart

A Smart Device (or IoT device) is a product that utilizes internet connectivity to make a device perform a certain number of tasks that make it easier to go about our daily lives. Current hydroponic smart garden offerings on the market claim that they are smart devices, but in reality they lack the functionality and connectivity that make a smart device truly a smart device.

The AVA Byte was relatively simple in concept, but considerably difficult in implementation:

  • It must be able to monitor water levels and adjust light levels according to time of day for a number of hours to enable sufficient plant growth.
  • It must know what species of plants are currently growing in its pods.
  • It must have smart phone, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth integration.
  • It must be able to store and transmit information, then present it in a meaningful way that the user can understand.
  • It must be easy to use for users of all levels of experience.

Technology Meets Nature

With an IoT device as complex as the AVA Byte, we committed a significant amount of time to deep research in a wide number of subjects not only technology related, but stressing the importance of immersing ourselves in botany and plant science; such as light spectra, plant growth cycles, general hydroponics, gardening, and plant cultivation.

We were presented with many challenges during the development of the AVA Byte, but through product benchmarking, research, manufacturing and tooling, designing and redesigning several prototype iterations we established a set of design goals for the AVA Byte that would need to be achieved in order for the product to establish its place as the best commercially available smart garden:

  • Introduce and engineer a lighting and watering system that is capable of learning and adapting to its local environment based on user inputs, habits, and interactions.
  • Combine several technologies to establish a functional, standalone system—the implementation of fully adjustable lighting, visual capture with a built-in camera, efficient heat dissipation, even water distribution, multiple sensor, data transfer, and machine learning—all working in tandem.
  • Develop a user experience that is charming, pleasurable, and enlightening, based on finely tuned and tested hardware and software at all stages of development.
  • Produce an aesthetically pleasing, premium, yet robust product by conducting a thorough and rigorous series of FCC testing benchmarks to ensure that the product passes all required certifications for commercial launch.