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The Sleek Automotive Rapid Battery Analyzer You Can Use With A Single Hand


CADEX Electronics' world-renowned rapid battery analyzers take an innovative step forward with Spectro Modular, which features a completely refreshed physical user interface for even quicker and easy-to-understand readings at a glance coupled with a redesigned chassis that is compact enough to fit into any user's toolbox.

The Challenge

Redesign the Spectro Modular enclosure to have a slimmer profile with a greatly improved user interface, while maintaining CADEX's recognition as the top battery analytics company in the world and association with the Spectro family of automotive diagnostic instruments.

The Outcome

Spectro Modular is currently in production and manufacturing, and will be officially available Q4 2021 to consumers and for use in factory authorized service centres and dealerships. It remains rugged enough to survive in tough environments while achieving a new aesthetic standard that firmly cements it as an iconic, instantly recognizable CADEX product.

A Thoughtfully Refreshed Design

After the successful design overhaul of the CADEX Spectro™ Rapid Battery Analyzer, Altimus was once again approached by CADEX to redesign the Spectro Modular enclosure—the first of the light and mobile Spectro devices with a focus on function, aesthetics, and brand identity. In addition to these values, Spectro is pushing forward in not only establishing an even firmer identity as "the brand that knows everything there is to know about batteries", but is also beginning to branch into other customer-facing sectors of the market including retail, healthcare, IT telecommunications, and hospitality, outside of the automotive and industrial industry.

Key elements of the Spectro Modular enclosure redesign process include:

• Multiple iterations of the label for better legibility and understanding of the battery analyzer readings.

• Streamlining the overall shape and improving the ergonomics of the enclosure to allow for easier handling of the device, especially with single-handed use.

• Newly established branding development.