VERO Beverage Management Hardware

VERO Beverage Management Hardware on a light grey background, with several wires plugged into its front chassis.
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Designing all-new Beverage Management Hardware for an Industry Ready to Embrace Modern Technology and Design


Beverage management is big business. From pubs and restaurants, to bars, stadiums and breweries, there is a distinct need to track the amount of draft beer, wine and carbonated beverages that flow through an installation and correlate sales with costs. There are many systems and companies producing and servicing systems that do just that—however, several such organizations spend a lot of time maintaining a patchwork of tools, systems and devices that were not designed to work together, let alone for this specific use scenario.

The Challenge

Re-imagine the beverage management system from the ground up. Current offerings are primitive and high maintenance due to their antiquated technology and frustrating lack of user design.

A compilation of sketches, mock-ups, prototypes, models, 3D CAD, and renderings of the VERO Beverage Management Hardware.

The Outcome

VERO, a “future-proof” system consisting of a secure and internet connected gateway, remote sensors for real time environmental monitoring, and a revolutionary patent-pending flowmeter.

Modern Technology, Repurposed

We envisioned a flexible, automatically upgradeable system that quick to install, with the addition of sensors as easy as plugging in a set of headphones. The reality is even easier than that; our gateway contains only one kind of connector for any sensor. Any number of sensors can be plugged in anywhere. The system would automatically log and track the attached sensor, even the time of connection or disconnection. The only configuration was to figure out which sensors were needed and where they should be placed and everything else was handled by the system.

Modern, easy to use cloud connectivity ensures both the system and the venue manager are up to date with real-time analytics and the latest software.

Liquid Measurement For Food Applications

At the heart of the new system is a flowmeter that measures fluid flow. We studied existing devices and identified concrete ways in which our flowmeter could be as compatible as the competition, but have special features unique only to our system. Our flowmeters, now with patents pending, enables nearly any existing beverage management system to track fluid flow rates more accurately and reliably than with any industry-standard flowmeter in use today. Ours can be cleaned more easily, and also have components swapped out and replaced instead of the entire assembly discarded.

Relentless Design Improvement

Central to the development of all this new hardware, prototyping and testing was a key activity requiring significant planning and specialized equipment. Design refinement invariably takes an iterative approach and these refinements could only be committed after careful testing. User testing was equally important, ensuring that streamlined system installation was possible in order to make the system appealing both to installation contractors and independent restaurants alike.

VERO is able to bring truly user centric design principles and a superior system to a market in real need for fresh innovation and modern technology. It is never enough to integrate disparate single-function devices to make an integrated whole and our connected beverage hardware platform illustrates this perfectly.