PODA Personal Vaporizer

The PODA Personal Vaporizer against a light grey background with two biodegradable pods slightly to its right.
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The World’s First Portable Vaporizer That Requires Zero Cleaning


With its patented "heat-not-burn" vaporizing system, zero cleaning requirements, and 100% biodegradable pods, the PODA Personal Vaporizer is a compact engineering marvel that fits neatly and discretely into any pants or coat pocket.

The Challenge

Design, engineer, and manufacture a compact personal vaporizer that requires zero cleaning, with 100% biodegradable pods.

The Outcome

The PODA Vaporizer has successfully launched in select UK markets, and now has full patent protection for its unique “heat-not-burn” system of vaporizing. Patent applications have been filed in 62 more countries and global launch is pending the right market environment.

Full Functionality in a Discrete Package

Despite its compact size, through careful and efficient management of its internal components the PODA Vaporizer resolves a number of significant problems that are present in many commercially available personal vaporizers—having a relatively short material heating time to point of vaporization, all while sufficiently managing heat dissipation to prevent heat conduction to its brushed aluminum chassis.

The development of its "heat-not-burn" vaporizing system established new innovations and patents mainly focusing on heat management, which was absolutely necessary in preventing significant risks to overheating the device's components while simultaneously ensuring that the material in each pod could achieve point of vaporization. As a result, the PODA Vaporizer utilizes about 95% of its available enclosure space measuring at a mere 8.5cm tall and weighing only 105g, directly contributing to its ease of use and satisfying fit in hands of all sizes.